Since our legal team has spent a significant part of their professional work experiences in public service and has considerable work experience about administrative regulations and administrative judicial processes, we are capable of providing comprehensive legal consultancy services for the resolution of all kinds of disputes regarding tax law and practice.

Our Legal Services on Tax Law

  • Resolving all kinds of legal disputes arising from incorrect or missing income statements, leverage, accrual, collection transactions, incorrect discounts and penalties imposed by the administration regarding tax practices, including but not limited to Income and Corporate Tax and Value Added Tax.
  • Providing comprehensive legal support regarding companies’ tax structuring processes,
  • Providing tax consultancy services for company mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions processes,
  • Providing tax consultancy services for cross-border transactions of individuals and institutions,
  • Resolution of tax disputes arising from special transactions such as intercompany transactions and transactions with shareholders,
  • Providing legal advice on tax inspection reports and tax / penalty notices,
  • Providing legal advice on administrative procedures and fines established by the Tax Offices.