Capital markets play an essential role in the world economy and they function to match the demand for funds with the supply of funds. Capital markets fuel economic growth by allocating capital that can be used to create jobs, build infrastructure and finance innovative ideas.

Turkey’s Borsa Istanbul stock exchange is becoming an important element of an ambitious project to turn Istanbul into a major global trading centre. As a result of the enactment of the new Capital Market Law and secondary regulations promulgated by the Capital Markets Board, Turkish Capital Markets are rapidly integrating with other international markets.


Our close and strong relationships with the financial regulators enable us to achieve good results in a timely manner.

Our Legal Services on Capital Markets

Our capital markets practice has continued to deliver high quality legal services both for domestic and foreign issuers, selling and controlling shareholders of public companies, underwriters and capital market institutions on both equity and debt markets. Our deep knowledge and experience would allow our clients to benefit from accessing the local and international capital markets.

Our experienced lawyers advised major Turkish companies on international and local equity and bond offerings as well as day-to-day activities and specific Turkish capital markets issuances; foreign investment companies in relation to specific activities within the Turkish capital markets and compliance and domestic investment companies in relation to sale of investment funds to foreign companies. We acted for local and international clients including corporate issuers, underwriters and lead managers. We offer a full range of legal services with strong experience in structured finance, asset lending, derivative products, debt capital markets, equity capital markets and regulatory advice over a number of sectors.

Our clients included foreign investment companies requiring general legal advice in relation to performing specific activities within the capital markets sector in Turkey, as well as advice in relation to Compliance with the local regulation. Additionally, we advise domestic investment companies in respect of the sale of investment funds to foreign companies. We also have a strong track record for providing regulatory advice on local capital markets Compliance requirements and capital raising projects and our clients include major international investment banks.

Our lawyers enjoy excellent working relationships with the Turkish capital markets regulators – such as the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, the Banking Regulatory & Supervision Agency and the Turkish Central Bank.

We have deep rooted local expertise in capital markets transactions including IPOs, Islamic finance and, on top of that, we have global expertise through our international network. This advice is available locally so we are ideally placed to meet all clients’ needs.

  • Equity Markets

Our lawyers are fully capable of providing support during every stages of the initial public offering (IPO) and listing process. Our lawyers closely work with our clients in order to understand their needs for achieving successful outcomes of the offering.  We provide our high quality legal services for issuers, selling shareholders and underwriters in connection with IPOs and their listing process on the Borsa Istanbul.  Our lawyers dedicate their efforts to resolve our clients’ considerations during their challenging and complex offering process and transformation to a public company.

We provide our depth experience for the determination of selling structures and all offering documentation, including drafting and reviewing prospectuses and offering circulars. Our leading corporate and M&A practice enables us to conduct full scope due diligence on the issuers for the provision of legal opinions requested by Borsa Istanbul and Capital Markets Board. Our lawyers provide extensive legal support on Rule 144A and Regulation S offerings for local issuers who prefer to benefit from cross-border issuances.

  • Debt Markets

We specialize in capital markets transactions representing both domestic and international clients (issuers – corporate and sovereigns, underwriters and lead managers). We have extensive experience in a variety of fundraisings, ranging from purely private fund establishment to flotation and secondary fundraisings by permanent capital vehicles. Our debt expertise ranges from simple (plain vanilla) bond issues to structured products and encompasses standalone debt issues (domestic bonds) and various debt programs.

We have an impressive track record of legal work in domestic and international debt capital markets. During their previous experiences, our lawyers successfully advised our local and international issuers and underwriters on all aspects of local corporate bond and Eurobond offerings, medium-term note programs, private placements, highly structured products, equity-linked issuances and convertible securities.

  • Securities and Banking & Finance Litigation

Success in litigation is about knowing the facts, effective strategy and preparation. It is vitally important to have experienced trial lawyers who know the in’s and out’s of a courtroom, regardless of the type of dispute you are facing. Experienced legal counsels also can get up to speed on a controversy efficiently and hone in on the important issues.

We provide extensive legal advice and litigate on all types of security regulations and banking & finance related disputes. Our particular legal assistance covers the following legal services below:

  • Providing support for our clients on all aspects of securities and banking & finance litigation including but not limited to legal matters relating to shareholder class actions, crimes and administrative penalties violating Turkish Capital Market Law and other relevant regulations such as Banking Law and other financial regulations.
  • Providing extensive representation for our clients in their criminal law transactions, criminal complaints, investigations and prosecutions in the area of capital markets law.
  • Representation of clients in all kinds of business associations in a variety of business-related disputes relating to breach of contract, fraud, professional malpractice and business torts matters,
  • Assisting banks and other regulated financial institutions and public companies in all aspects of white collar criminal law including but not limited to banking law violations and capital market crimes.