Since the press and media law can be described as an interdisciplinary field of legal profession, this area of law is a combination of public law matters such as the freedom of information and communication, the relationship of media institutions with the administrative and regulatory bodies and crimes committed through press and media; and private law matters such as media-specific contractual relations and compensation liability of individuals and institutions arising from press and media actions.


Services Provided

Considering that our managing partner has a previous business experience as the head of the legal team of one of the leading media groups in Turkey, our experienced legal team is fully capable of providing extensive legal services in the following fields of press and media law:

  • Preparation and drafting of all kinds of agreements on press and media law (i.e. copyright, broadcasting, cooperation)
  • Execution of all application procedures of media institutions before the regulatory authorities,
  • Providing consultancy services for media institutions on their compliance processes.
  • Providing comprehensive legal counseling services on crimes and violations committed through written and visual media and the internet,
  • Providing legal consultancy services regarding advertisement and public announcement regulations,
  • Execution of the necessary application and precautionary processes, including but not limited to submission of contradiction requests to press and media institutions and filing requests to local courts to obtain prevention of access.