New business ideas and inventions are constantly emerging in the developing and changing world order and the tendency of entrepreneurs to start their own businesses is increasing day by day.

Start-up law is a package of legal services that includes debt law, tax law, labor and social security laws and intellectual property law, especially commercial and corporate law.


With our strong team with expertise in different areas of legal profession, we support our clients in ensuring their compliance with the regulations required for their enterprises and establishing their compabies that is most suitable for their needs and establishing their processes.

Our Legal Services on Start-Up Law

  • Selecting the type of company suitable for the relevant enterprise, drafting company articles of association, share agreements and shareholder agreements,
  • Completion of company establisments with tax and social security processes,
  • Ensuring the determination and legal protection of intellectual property rights of the enterprise,
  • Establishing the necessary processes of start up company within the scope of labor and social security law and harmonizing it with other branches of law and ensuring the full legal compliance.