Due to the regulations of the country in which a company conducts its activities, and the anti-bribery and corruption legislation which usually has a cross-border effect, a minor mistake from managers or employees of a client may cause criminal, regulatory and civil actions against the company, as well as significant loss of reputation.

Compliance programs are extensive programs which help institutions and their employees to conduct their transactions and activities in conformity with ethical principles, legislation and regulatory provisions. An effective compliance program established and implemented by expert lawyers can spare the company from potential criminal sanctions and civil damage lawsuits.

Depending on the frequency of the company’s commercial activities in various countries, the company may be subject to international regulations and FCPA and/or UKBA which have cross-border effects, in addition to domestic law of the country it operates in. Effective internal compliance policies can help achieve desired results such as developing a culture of combatting corporate corruption and improving the company’s reputation. The purpose of internal compliance programs are dissuading from all violations of domestic and cross-border anti-corruption regulations and in case such violations exist, in order to detect and investigate them.

In addition to our compliance services, we provide legal consultancy services and representation for our clients regarding on financial and business frauds such as violation of banking and capital markets law (manipulation, insider trading, etc.) and money laundering before administrative, regulatory and judicial authorities.


Our legal professionals are fully capable to provide our clients with the necessary compliance services such as compliance trainings and internal investigations.

Our Legal Services on Compliance and White Collar Crimes

  • Developing, establishing and conducting the Integrity Due Diligence Procedures needed by our clients, preparation of employee guidance and procedures on specific legal and regulatory obligations, compliance matters and issues involving ethical business practices,
  • Developing and facilitating suitable regular and periodic training for employees, intermediaries and suppliers to ensure familiarity with and understanding of Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Policy and the Code of Conduct of our clients and applicable laws mandating ethical business practices,
  • Responding to inquiries by managers and employees of our clients regarding any aspect of the ABC Policy or the Code of Conduct or other compliance matters and escalating issues as appropriate to senior management, investigating or overseeing the investigation of any information or allegations concerning violations of the ABC Policy or the Code of Conduct or other improper or unethical business conduct,
  • Conducting annual integrity risk assessment to identify and prioritize internal and external corruption risks faced by our clients as well as periodic assessments of the effectiveness of our clients’ anti-corruption program,
  • Assisting banks and other regulated financial institutions and public companies in all aspects of white collar criminal law including but not limited to banking law violations and capital market crimes.